Linggo, Nobyembre 18, 2012

why did you choose this course

BPA          @MUST 

I choose this course because i think i can changes the different behavior in my community and this course has only 3 subject in math and i love to serve people

I chooses this course because i wanted
to. There nothing more creative than
engineering for me. And i believe that
engineering has given boost to my life"
See, above one is just a sample. But read it
again. It is self declaring in nature. Everything wriiten above is precceded by
sense of self-belief. So there is no chance
of them(who ask u questions) why do u
believe? How do you believe?
Had u said like "engineering is the most
creative branch" when they could have asked? Why do you think so? What is the
proof? Bla bal...
So the trick is whatever you
answer.answer with self-belief and with
proofs or speak fact. Don't give them
chance to ask question on answer given by you. In that they would waste their
thinking time in thinking new questions
and probably would think that you are
smarter as.

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